Advanced Oxidation Process Technology

Water Treatment System ideal for Highly-Loaded, difficult to treat Wastewater.

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Lotic's Electro-Catalytic - Advanced Oxidation Process (EC-AOP) is a wastewater purification system that reduces the contaminants and toxicity of wastewater to such an extent that the transformed wastewater can be reintroduced to the environment.

Our innovative technology produces four powerful oxidizing agents, which combine to breakdown, reduce, and remove contaminants in waste streams at an accelerated rate and a reduced cost.

At Lotic, our EC-AOP creates oxidizing components, including Hydroxyl Radicals, without the use of UV or the introduction of Hydrogen Peroxide, resulting in a more efficient, lower cost EC-AOP solution.

With no moving parts, Lotic’s EC-AOP system requires minimal manpower allowing for streamlined service and quick return on investment. Recently outperforming UV, chlorine dioxide, electrocoagulation and conventional biocides on cost versus performance, the Lotic EC-AOP has the capability to treat fluid at a high volume and rate capacity. Our system meets government compliance standards, reduces discharge fees, and passes the United States EPA’s guidelines for Toxic Characteristic Leaching Protocol (TCLP).  The Lotic EC-AOP produces smaller, more shear resistant volumes of sludge which can be easily de-watered.

Lotic Technologies custom manufacturers all of our equipment to meet the specific requirements of each project. Combining this with our fully automated systems ensures simple operation, easy service, and low maintenance. Research and development, along with engineering and testing are complete and currently moving to a larger scale.

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